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"Holunder Weisse"
with our Aischgründer Karpfen-Weisse and home-made elderberry syrup
Glass of Flair champagne
with home-made elderflower or elderflower-beer syrup
Mineral water 
with home-made elderflower syrup


Beef carpaccio served with a salad garnish
and a wheat beer honey dressing with crushed malt bread
Prawns served in a potato nest
with a salad garnish and spicy sweet and sour dip and home-made crushed malt bread 
Trio of bread toppings
3 different toppings on home-made crushed malt bread 
Potted liverwurst sausage
served with home-made crushed malt bread baked in a stone bake oven
Garlic bread   
served with a home-made herb butter


Creamy horseradish soup4.70
Franconian feast day soup
served with butter dumplings, liver dumplings and pancake strips
Soup Duo4.50

Cooked with and served with beer

Beer is as old as human culture. It has always been consumed for pleasure and from the outset its production was regulated by strict regulations to ensure purity and quality.

Beer that is brewed in this area enjoys a special status.
It is subject to the German purity law dating from 1516 and is exclusively made using malt, hops, water and yeast. Beer is a wholesome beverage which is made from natural raw materials and it contains valuable ingredients.

Beer is one of the last natural foodstuffs. The oldest alcoholic drink in the world is also great for cooking with. It has a wonderful flavour structure which completes a meal in an unobtrusive manner; it can create a pleasantly bitter tone or lends meals a herby, spicy note, which is beyond compare.
For monks, beer was always a popular drink during fasting. 

In our private brewery/restaurant this tradition dates back to the ninth generation of Wirths to 1747, something we are very proud of. In our Gasthof a great deal of emphasis is placed upon regional and brewing related produce such as beer, and also in preparing food using beer, malt and spent grains.

Brewer's delicious treats

Brewer's salad
Crisp leafy salad served with baked mushrooms, turkey strips, roasted brewer’s malt and garlic bread
Drayman's steak – rare roast beef
served in a creamy brewer’s malt sauce with roast onions, roast potatoes and salad
Master brewer's medallions
Pork medallions served under a malt crust with a dark beer sauce and a beer caraway crust and roast potatoes
Brewer's schnitzel
Breaded pork schnitzel served with brewer’s grains, hearty, creamy brewer’s malt sauce with rösti potatoes and a colourful salad

Also recommended

Indian wok – A speciality from our chef Machan's homeland
Colourful vegetable strips in a spicy coconut milk with peanuts, served with rice
Optional extras:
- Turkey15.70
- Beef or John Dory17.20

Saddle of venison medallions with a malt-herb crust
served on a creamy juniper sauce with cherries in port, walnut spätzle and bacon with Brussels sprouts



Spaghetti "Diabolo"
Spaghetti fried in olive oil and served with a creamy garlic dressing with chilli, mushroom, fresh herbs and salad
Wild garlic tagliatelle
served with vegetable strips, glazed baby tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, freshly grated Parmesan and colourful salad
Herby cheese spätzle
served with fresh herbs, roast onions and colourful salad 

When you get a bit peckish between meals

Home-made mountain farmer's ravioli
With a wild garlic and ricotta filling, glazed baby tomatoes, Parmesan and sage butter   

Vegan dishes

Indian Wok
Colourful vegetable strips in a spicy coconut milk with peanuts, served with rice

Our 'Standard' dishes

Rumpsteak served in a creamy Cognac sauce
with Madagascan green pepper, string beans and croquettes  
Pork loin in a creamy mushroom sauce
served with croquettes and salad   
Schwabian plate - 2 small 'Viennese style' schnitzels
served with a creamy mushroom sauce, home-made spätzle and salad  
"Swiss Schnitzel"
with a grilled ham and cheese topping, french fries and salad 
'Viennese style' schnitzel
with french fries and salad

For our little guests

Children's size portion of schnitzel 
with french fries and ketchup
Chicken and chips
with french fries and ketchup
Portion french fries
with ketchup
with sauce  

Snack menu

Our home-made crushed malt loaf, baked in the wood-fired oven and made using a pure natural sourdough leaven, is served with all cold dishes      
Brewer's platter
various home-made sausages, ham, cheese, butter, gherkins
Ham platter
with butter and gherkins
Cheese platter
with butter and garnishes
Limburger cheese
with marinated hand-formed curd cheese
Home-made beer aspic
with diced onions and a vinaigrette dressing
Home-made beer aspic and roast potatoes7.80
Bread with ham5.00
Bread with cheese     6.00