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Franconia – Experience nature, culture
and hospitality

Castle Seehof
Bamberg in the winter
E.T.A. Hoffmann
fisherman's house

Bamberg – a historic town which has contemporary attractions

The old historic and episcopal town of Bamberg is one of the loveliest towns in Germany. The ‘millennial Gesamtkunstwerk’ of Bamberg’s Old Town was accepted into the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 1993. Locals and tourists alike appreciate the high quality of life here, the wonderful natural surroundings and fluvial topography are a genuine treasure for all kinds of leisure activities. Bamberg also has a wide range of activities in the art & culture, sports & leisure sectors, and lots of tourist attractions and conference facilities.

With sights such as the Altes Rathaus, E.T.A Hoffmann-Haus and many others, you can enjoy a lovely day in the town. Those of you who are keen on culture will appreciate the top-class programme of concerts, cabaret, smaller-scale performing arts and ever-changing exhibitions. While for those of you who have an interest in activities, on the many cycling and hiking routes there are a great deal of historic buildings, monuments and fantastic natural surroundings to explore.

It is just 35 km from the Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu" to Bamberg. We hope you enjoy a lovely day in this historic town.

Luxurious pools - Wellness and fun for all the family

Atlantis outdoor pool
Höchstadt wave pool

In the immediate vicinity of the Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu" there is no shortage of fun available for all the family, with offers to suit everyone. Whether you are looking for fun & activities for young and old, or really want to relax and unwind in a wellness oasis. There are a few spas in the surrounding area which provide rest and recuperation for body and mind too.

There is a fantastic range of leisure facilities close to the hotel.

Franconian Switzerland – a 'pleasure' region which has the romance factor

This tranquil region is situated between Bamberg, Bayreuth and Nuremberg and is around 20 km from the restaurant/brewery "Zum Löwenbräu". Known for its some 1000 caves, romantic castles, the greatest density of breweries and idyllic valley landscape, which – as its name suggests – is somewhat reminiscent of Switzerland.

Franconian Switzerland has an abundance of sights, among them 35 museums and just as many castles. There are almost 1000 caves in this area, of which however only a few are accessible to the public for conservation reasons. There are also two leisure parks and five wildlife parks. The romantic steam railway between Behringersmühle and Ebermannstadt brings you through the loveliest places in the region. Our famous Osterbrunnen are also very much "worth a visit" as is the romantic festival of lights in the winter. You will be enchanted by an agricultural landscape and little villages which have originally maintained timber-framed houses. Head out on an exploratory tour and enjoy what is "Frankish" with all your senses.

There is also a great deal for those of you are interested in sports – mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, as well as golf, tennis and even high ropes courses are just a few of the highlights in this fantastic area. Or you could just experience the beauty of Franconian Switzerland during a leisurely stroll or on a bike ride.

Adventure for all the family

Freizeitland Geiselwind
Playmobil Funpark
Climbing forest Betzenstein
Castle Thurn

For children a day in the leisure park is certainly one of the biggest and best adventures, which they will be talking about for a long time to come. Four of the best themed parks in Germany are very close to the Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu". You get to experience knights and pirates, a fairy-tale park, and of course all kinds of amusement rides, a toy realm, petting zoos and thousands of other things that will set children’s eyes sparkling. And admittedly, the adults will really enjoy it all too!

Golf - exercise, relaxation, enjoying the natural surroundings

Golf course in Herzogenaurach

The Franconian landscape and its gentle hills is almost ideal for golf courses, some of which are close to the hotel. Switch off, meet nice people, forge contacts, exercise in the fresh air, that is what golf is all about. Head out for the day and enjoy a leisurely game on the course, or after a conference enjoy a game with your friends and colleagues to relax after a work-filled day. All that is not a problem, here in the Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu" there is a fantastic selection of golf courses right in the surrounding area.

Mini-golf – fun with the family and with friends

Put your skills to the test here and enjoy a sporting competition with your friends and all the family. Often it is not as easy as it might seem to putt the ball past the obstacles. Close to the hotel there are quite a few options to give your ambitions free rein. We are happy to host a victory celebration afterwards in the brewery and restaurant "Zum Löwenbräu" for you.

Nuremberg – In the tracks of history

The historic Franconian metropolis has many facets which are worth further investigation - you certainly won’t get bored here. Countless monuments, for instance there is the town’s landmark, the Kaiserburg which provides a fantastic view across the city of Nuremberg and a museum where medieval times come to life. Many museums like the Germanische Nationalmuseum, the new museum for modern art and design and many more provide a bit of variety.

There is also Dürerhaus, dedicated to probably the most famous son of the town, the multi-talented Renaissance artist and campaigner for humanism and reformation, Albrecht Dürer. This place is much more than a museum – in the painting and printing workshop the artistic techniques from Dürer’s era come to life; guided tours and video installations provide a broad insight into the works the artist created. Definitely worth a visit!

Last but not least, Nuremberg is famous the world over as being a "Christmas town". Nuremberg’s Christmas market is one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world and with its quaint wooden stalls is the epitome of Christmas. The traditional hand-made Christmas decoration and sweet treats such as Spekulatius spiced biscuits and the famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen are just a few of the highlights that you will come across here. Combine a relaxing weekend in the tranquillity of the Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu" with a romantic excursion during the run-up to Christmas to Nuremberg’s Christmas market, which is just 40 km away.

Nuremberg is of course also sought-after in international business too as a trade-fair centre and a conference location. Business during the day, then switch off in the evening and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a family-run hotel in the country side. Thanks to its convenient location (close to the A3) the Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu" is an ideal for business travellers to stay.

The shopping paradise of Franconia

"Big name brands", in particular premium brands from the realm of sport is what you will come across in the outlet centre Herzogenaurach, with superb prices too. The shopping centre is just 15 km away and is a shopping paradise for all sports-lovers and those who are fond of sports clothing, and who want to purchase fantastic branded items at great prices. Definitely worth a detour!

Destinations and venues close by:

Leisure and adventure pools

outdoor pools:Atlantis outdoor pool
Würzburger Straße 35
17 km
Scherbsgraben 15
90766 Fürth  
35 km
Franken Lagune Hirschaid
Georg-Kügel-Ring 5
96114 Hirschaid
25 km
Kristall Palm Beach Kur- & Freizeitbad GmbH
Albertus-Magnus- Straße 29
90547 Stein bei Nürnberg
44 km
Franken-Therme Bad Windsheim GmbH
Erkenbrechtallee 10
D-91438 Bad Windsheim
49 km
Therme Obernsees
An der Therme 1
95490 Mistelgau  
54 km
Franken Alb Therme Hersbruck
Badstraße 16
91217 Hersbruck
70 km
open air swimming pool:Höchstadt 77 wave pool
91315 Höchstadt a. d. Aisch
8 km
Neustädter Waldbad
Eilersweg 5
91413 Neustadt a. d. Aisch
30 km
open air swimming pool
Käsröthe 4

Adventure Parks

Amusement - adventure, games and pure actionLeisure country Geiselwind
Wiesentheider Str. 25
96160 Geiselwind   
36 km
Adventure park
Schloss Thurn
Schlossplatz 4
91336 Heroldsbach      12,3 km
Playmobil Funpark   
Brandstätterstraße 2-10
90513 Zirndorf   
44 km
Franconian  Wunderland
Zum Herrlesgrund 13
91287 Plech   
78 km
High ropes courses - the adrenaline rush for Intrepid   Adventure park Betzenstein
am Betzensteiner Freibad
Hauptstrasse 68
91282 Betzenstein   
53 km
climbing forest Pottenstein
91278 Pottenstein     50 km
Adventure forest
Zum Igelsbachsee 1
91174 Spalt
Enderndorf am See
100 km
Summer toboggan runs – tobogganing adventures, even without the snowBobsleigh tracks Vestenbergsgreuth
Dutendorfer Straße 24
91487 Vestenbergsgreuth   
20 km
Summer toboggan runs adventure park Pleinfeld
Schloss-Straße 19
91792 Ellingen     
70 km
Summer toboggan runs Pottenstein
91278 Pottenstein     
55 km

Golf clubs

Golf clubs near:Golf club
Herzogenaurach e.V.
Burgstall 1
91074 Herzogenaurach   
20 km
Golf course Schloss Reichmannsdorf e.V.
Schloß Reichmannsdorf
96132 Schlüsselfeld     
19 km
Golf course Geiselwind
Friedrich-Str. 10
96160 Geiselwind  35 km
Golf club Bamberg e.V.
Gut Leimershof 5
96149  Breitengüßbach     
50 km   
Golf club Fränkische Schweiz e. V.
Kanndorf 8
91320 Ebermannstadt     
37 km


Mini-golf Herzogenaurach
Röntgenstraße 17-19
91074 Herzogenaurach
12 km   
Mini-golf Forchheim   
Auf der Sportinsel
91301 Forchheim
Tel.: 09191/4166
15 km
Mini-golf Pleinfeld
Schloss-Straße 10
91792 Ellingen
70 km
Mini-golf Vestenbergsgreuth
Dutendorfer Straße 24
91487 Vestenbergsgreuth
20 km

Shopping in Franconia

Outlett Herzogenaurach   
Olympiaring 2
91074 Herzogenaurach   
15 km