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Flair Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu" receives an award

Flair Hotels

"Flair Hotel of the year 2014" came to Adelsdorf. A highlight in the anniversary event for the Flair Hotels co-operation in November were the awards to the selected Flair Hotels.
The Wirth family, owners of the Flair Hotel Zum Löwenbräu, received the coveted award ‘Flair Hotel of the year 2014’.

Hamburg, November 2013.
A maritime, exclusive ambience, cuisine served in stylish surroundings and the night-time magic of the port city of Hamburg featured alongside the celebrations for this year’s general meeting of Flair Hotels e. V., one of the biggest hotel co-operations in Germany.
This year too the Flair Hotel of the Year was announced during the general meeting, honouring the outstanding and in particular, the creative services.
On this occasion it was the Wirth family who were able to win over the board of the Flair Hotels cooperation with their Flair Hotel "Zum Löwenbräu", receiving the "Flair Hotel of the year 2014" title.
This tradition-steeped brewery restaurant run by the Wirth family was founded in 1747. Tradition and progress, honest hospitality and long-established ways of interpreting and working have always been a part of the philosophy of this medium-sized, owner-managed family business. It is precisely the blend of the tried and proven and the new which is the core feature of the Flair Hotel cooperation.
This Flair Hotel in Adelsdorf provides the wonderful comforts of a 3-star Superior hotel and at the same time still enjoys the traditional, appealingly effected – which is something guests have noted in the latest refurbishments.
In the new hotel rooms warm wood elements meet contemporary and extensive facilities. And when it comes to dining too visitors will find a snug which has been well thought-out:
'In our hotel there are lots of decorative elements of a traditional brewery to discover and these are indicative that our own hotel brewery was still brewing after the Bavarian purity law for beer of 1516', says Benno Wirth.
Which is why guests will come across a variety of our own beer varieties and there are plenty of dishes on the menu which have been enhanced with beer.

Gourmets can also enjoy home-brewed naturally cloudy beers on tap here, such as the 'Zwickel Pilsener', and they even get to sample gold medal awarded ‘Bierbrand’ and fruit schnapps.
'I am a landlord, hotelier and master brewer – it is this versatility which makes me happy in my work in our Flair Hotel', says the head of the family. Hotel guests also get to benefit from this versatility, thanks to the special culinary offers based around beer and they get to enjoy an exciting guided tour of the brewery.

The Flair Hotel Zum Löwenbräu is surrounded by many sights and historic towns, for instance the UNESCO world heritage site of Bamberg.
The relatively flat and in part conservation-protected and unspoilt landscape featuring fishing ponds also provides a great deal of opportunities for cyclists and hikers to explore the superb Aischgrund area.
A small fisheries museum along with a fishing and educational forest trail close to the Flair Hotel invites you to enjoy some extended strolls.

Information about Flair Hotels

In 1983, 16 hoteliers came together to create a cooperation. In the last 30 years the cooperation has grown further and hotels from Austria and Italy have also joined. The hotel group has succeeded in establishing a strong and dynamic hotel cooperation on the German market and maintaining traditional values -
Charming hospitality, reliable quality as well as a direct connection with the region have always been to the fore in the cooperation’s philosophy. Today too some 100 committed and creative hoteliers from mostly medium-sized, family-run hotels in the three to four star sector are very much committed to ensuring that guests feel great and that genuine regionality lives on. This is also directly reflected in the Flair Hotels; thanks to typical, culinary specialities from the area, a regional style in the way the hotels are set up and in terms of their architecture and exiting tips for excursion destinations, which are, occasionally, not known about.

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