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Karpfenschmecker days

Autumn and spring in Karpfenland Aischgrund


Get to know and love a real speciality of our area – the indigenous mirror carp. An exceptionally tasty and very nourishing, healthy fish which, with around 5% fat content, is close to that of beef fillet and which, with 60% unsaturated fatty, acids is just like salmon.
Explore and experience the superb, in part conservation protected landscape in Aischgrund with its fishing ponds, and which tempts you to enjoy strolls or cycle tours. Relax and unwind for 2 days in our wonderfully furnished rooms in the "Wirtshaus" or in the new tasteful and luxuriously furnished rooms and suites in the "Altes Brauhaus".
Enjoy 2 days of mirror carp being prepared for you in a variety of ways – traditionally baked or poached, as a fillet of carp "Pur Natur" in various guises.
Over 260 years of hospitality in our family-run business will ensure you feel right at home during your stay.

  • 2 nights in the desired category
  • 2 x Franconian buffet breakfasts in our new breakfast rooms
  • 2 x 3-course "Karpfen satt" menu
  • 1 Seidla Aischgründer Karpfen-Weisse from our own brewery
  • 1 BBB (Benno´s Bier Brannt) from our own brewery
Full price per person:DRas SR
SR Wirtshaus Classic:€ 204,-
DR Wirtshaus Classic:€ 152,-€ 204,-
DR Wirtshaus Comfort:€ 158,-€ 216,-
DR Altes Brauhaus Comfort:€ 176,-€ 240,-
DR Altes Brauhaus Premium with balcony:€ 180,-€ 248,-
DR Altes Brauhaus Suite:€ 199,-€ 270,-

DR = Double Room
SR = Single Room

bookable from September to April

A 3-hour hiking tour with Mr. Thomann, booked through Karpfenland Travel costs - incl. transfer - € 100.-

Packages can only be payed with EC Card and cash.