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Flair Hotel – Your seal of approval


The Flair Hotels association stands for charming hospitality, reliable quality and a direct connection to the region. Some 100 committed and creative hoteliers, for the most part from medium-sized, family run hotels in the three to four star sectors, work with a great deal of commitment to ensure that guests feel great and experience genuine regionality. This is also directly reflected in Flair Hotels - with the typical, culinary specialities of the area, through to regional style in terms of the hotel furnishings and in architecture and by providing exciting tips for excursion destinations which are still undiscovered.

Flair Hotels
Flair Hotels
Flair Hotels
Flair Hotels

Business trips, city trips or just for a break...


You will be well looked after in Flair Hotels and get to combine what is lovely with what is useful and make the most of the lovely hotels for business trips or conferences, or just to enjoy a holiday in the lovely landscapes. With the Flair Packages our hotels have bespoke offers to suit every purpose.

Flair Hotels. At home in the regions.
Flair Hotels have an offer to suit everyone – whether it is for a short break, a business trip, a wellness or activity-based holiday. Find out more about the Flair philosophy.

Get a feel for the regions while you are sleeping
Each Flair Hotel has its own personal style, its own special ‘flair’. Flair hosts want to offer you a place where you will feel at home for a time, be able to let your soul wander and experience genuine regionality.

Regions for every taste
Almost every Flair Hotel has its own restaurant with regional cuisine. You also get to experience the flavours of the regions at our Flair breakfast – typical of the region, always different, but always typically Flair!

Discover regional flair
Thanks to their locations, Flair Hotels provide a wide variety of leisure options, to suit cyclists and hikers as well as those looking for relaxation and those who enjoy culture. Ask your Flair Hotel host for insider tips about routes and tours.

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